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Recipes Original and Tasty Japanese Takoyaki

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Recipes Original and Tasty Japanese Takoyaki
Recipes Original and Tasty Japanese Takoyaki 
Japanese Original Takoyaki Recipe ingredients:
200 gr of flour with medium / high protein
2 eggs (just take the egg yolks)
1 egg chicken eggs
400 ml liquid broth
baking powder 3/4 teaspoon munjung
150 gr of fresh squid (peeled squid skin, steamed first dice-made pieces)
1 finely chopped leek
75 ml mayonnaise
Katsu busyi as needed
Cooking oil, as needed
Enter 3/4 teaspoon of salt, to taste
How to Make Delicious Japanese Takoyaki 
Prepare all the ingredients mentioned above
First shake the eggs and egg yolks until they expand and spread evenly,
Pour the liquid broth little by little until the mixture is perfectly even
After that, mix the high or medium protein flour (according to taste), salt, baking powder and then stir until the mixture is evenly mixed and mixed
Then add the mixture to the broth, stir until the mixture becomes thick and evenly mixed
After the mixture has been thoroughly mixed, set aside
Prepare the stove with only a small fire, then heat the takoyaki mold, spread the mold with oil, then pour the mixture up to 1/2 mold on the mold that has been smeared earlier
After that, put the squid slices (suitable for taste) as well as the leeks, then also pour the flour mixture back to cover the filling from the takoyaki, then cover the takoyaki mold and cook until the takoyaki mixture expands.
Then turn back and forth the takoyaki mixture using chopsticks so that the shape of the takoyaki mixture continues to round
Then wait until the takoyaki mixture is thoroughly cooked, then lift.
Repeat the way above until the takoyaki mixture runs out
For presentation, you can put cooked takoyaki on a plate, sprinkle takoyaki with katsu busyi, then serve takoyaki along with bulldog sauce and mayonnaise
Takoyaki Snacks Ready to Serve
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