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Dominican Boiled Chicken Recipes / Guisado Pollo

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Dominican Boiled Chicken Recipes / Guisado Pollo
Dominican Boiled Chicken Recipes / Guisado Pollo
Dominican Boiled Chicken Recipes / Guisado Pollo

Ingredients :
1/2 kg of any part of chicken meat, clean and cut into pieces
1 cup onion, sliced   across
2 pcs of red / green peppers, cut across
4 finely chopped garlic cloves
3 tablespoons of olives, I use black olives
5 tablespoons of pure tomatoes
2 tsp oregano
1 tablespoon of olive oil, if aou don’t have it, you can replace it with vegetable oil
1/2 lemon, take the water
3 tsp of sugar
flavoring and salt to taste
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil for cooking
How to make:
– In large containers, add chicken meat, garlic bombs, peppers, garlic, olives, pure tomatoes, oregano, olive oil / vegetable oil, flavoring and salt to taste, mix well and let stand for 30 minutes or more overnight. (If you want to step on your gas you can just quiet for a few minutes)
-In a skillet / pan, you can, heat the vegetable oil and sprinkle sugar, cook until the sugar becomes caramel (this is made so that the meat is cooked in the brown color of the skin and make a guriiih flavor on the chicken meat)
-After the sugar becomes caramel, take the chicken meat alone (another marinade set aside) and fry it over the caramel until the meat is cooked on both sides and browned
-Set the remaining marinade with lemon juice, mix well and cook until chicken meat and vegetable bath are thoroughly cooked. lift and serve with slices of parsley
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